Monday, 9 September 2013

Casualty Of The Core

Sometimes I end up collecting bands not because they are my favourites, but because their records are cheap and plentiful. Internal Affairs is the latest example of this. Back when they were active I did enjoy them and bought one of each of their records, but recently I've picked some extra copies up on the cheap. Like ridiculously cheap. This is the latest. The 'Casualty Of The Core' 7" on Malfunction Records on blue vinyl. This cost me all of £0.99 on eBay and, as seems to have been the case a few times lately, I was the only bidder.

This is the 'common' version of the first press, being out of 700 copies. Fuck only knows how many versions there are of this thing, but this is my third. Probably in about six years time I will have added another three to my collection. Watch this space.


Nico said...

If you seriously want to collect them, we could work out a trade for some stuff.

Mike said...

Before I was buying vinyl again, I saw this band open up for Stand & Fight. They impressed me so much that I felt compelled to buy this 7 inch. Oddly enough, I was never moved by this band again as their recorded material always fell flat for me.

mcs said...

Hey Nico - email me & we'll see if we can work something out.