Saturday, 2 November 2013

Clear Red City Streets

Last year not many people knew who they were. This year everyone's sick to death of seeing their records everywhere. Here's another Violent Reaction LP for the collection. This one is the UK pressing on clear red vinyl. There were 100 of these made for some tour or other. I got this from my friend Mark who actually went to see the band play live, whereas I went to the gym and listened to the songs on my iphone whilst doing squats. Punk rock.

After missing them twice, I finally got to see this band play the other week. They were good, although compared to The Rival Mob they seemed a bit tame in a live environment I thought. I'm still not sure which of the two albums I prefer to be honest, but it'll be interesting to see who prefers which in the inevitable bloggers' best of 2013 lists.

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Across Your Face said...

Ah, jealous. Any VR colored vinyl continues to elude me.