Sunday, 27 October 2013

108 Test Fail

Ever buy the wrong record by accident? I just did. I watched Lost & Found Records sell 2 or 3 copies of this 108 'Songs Of Separation' LP Test Press before I stepped in & bought one. I actually bid on the first 2 or 3 copies and got outbid. But finally I got one, and at about half the price that the first copy sold for. Stoked.

The problem was, it was only when I received it that I realised that I had got confused. This is 108's second LP. It originally came out on Equal Vision. I knew that because I bought one when it came out. But somehow I ignored the record title when I saw this on eBay. I actually thought that this was the third LP, 'Threefold Misery' as that LP came out on Lost & Found Records on CD and picture disc only. The description on this test on eBay read as follows:

Note: released as picture disc only, but 10 testpressings were made on black vinyl.

So I read this bit and assumed it was a test of the third album, which I don't own on vinyl because I hate picture discs. It was only when the test arrived & I actually put it on the turntable that I realised my mistake. I honestly I never knew that the second LP was also released on Lost & Found as a picture disc. I feel like an amateur. FAIL.

Despite my mistake though, it's still a test press. That's 41 this year so far.

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Christopher Z said...

I have a Three Fold Misery test press that I am considering selling. Shoot me an email if you might be interested.
chriszibutis at