Saturday, 31 December 2011

So that was 2011?

So 2011 is over. Not the best of years in some respects. This was without doubt the busiest year of my life with regard to work, which ended up impacting on my personal life as I seemed to have far less time to do good stuff. I feel that I haven't listened to much new music this year. Or, in fact, much music at all. And the blog... well, I think it's fair to say it was a struggle to keep it going. I had a couple of months where I did pretty much nothing, and it constantly felt like a hassle that I was behind with and just didn't have time for. And then I volunteered to help out with Vinyl Noize, which I also didn't really have the time for but wanted to get involved with. On the positive side, however, I did find the time to release the Hope Defeated 7", but it took longer to sort out than I would have like as I struggled to fit it in around my work schedule (and I still haven't put the energy into promoting it that I would have liked). Let's just say that I need to work on my time management in 2012 else I am going to go insane.

Anyway, I decided not to do the end of year graphs and analysis that I have done the past couple of years. I was always so far behind with this blog that any kind of monthly analysis would be skewed. There were quite a few things I didn't blog about until 3 months after I got them. So instead, I'm just rolling with the obligatory 'Best of' list that everyone else is doing... although given the lack of new music I picked up, this wasn't easy. I mean, I wasn't exactly spoilt for choice!

(Note - these lists are not in any kind of order)

My Top 5 7"s of 2011

Hope Defeated '2010 Demo' (Endless Quest Records) - A great hardcore 7" by a new Canadian band that I released myself. I don't think I will ever tire of these songs. If you don't have one then please help me out and order one from my online store right away!

Times Together 'S/T' (Anger Battery Records) - Fantastic 7" in the vein of Uniform Choice, but from a UK band no less. I can't stop listening to this at the moment.

Tremors 'Island Songs' (The Essence Records) - Frantic hardcore punk from a London based UK band. Expect big things from this band in 2011.

Sacred Love 'S/T' 7" (Youngblood Records) - This record throws together elements of bands like 108, Burn and Civ together, this is a great 7". Their 12" wasn't bad either.

V/A 'No Peace / War' 7" (Organized Crime Records) - A Japanese hardcore tribute featuring all the best Holy Terror bands. Came in great packaging on different vinyl colours with matching obi strips.

My Top 5 LPs of 2011

Roses Never Fade 'S/T' (A389 Records) - I've been listening to this regularly for months now and still don't know how to describe it. Not heavy at all, just haunting. Looking forward to the new 7" in 2012.

Rot In Hell 'As Pearls before Swine' (Deathwish Inc) - Finally saw the light of day in 2011 about three years after it was recorded. An ugly and aggressive record that really put Rot In Hell on the world map.

Integrity 'Detonate World's Plague' (Holy Terror) - A new Integrity record in 2011, and it was really good. Some complained about the recording quality, but I guess some people are just stupid.

Hang The Bastard 'Hellfire Reign' (Holy Roar) - Ok, this probably came out in 2010, but I only got it in 2011 and I probably played it more than any other record, so it's going on my 2011 list.

Capital 'Givers Takers' (Underground Communiqué) - Their 3rd LP, and in my opinion their best.

My Top 5 Scores of 2011

Ok, so this is kinda a dumb top 5, but when I look back on this in a couple of years I'll find this interesting. These are the top 5 hot items I added to my collection this year. The first four had been on my want list for many years, so it was good to finally pick them up.

Floorpunch 'Division One Champs' (In My Blood) - Gold vinyl

Youth of Today 'Break Down The Walls' (Wishingwell) - Blue vinyl

Uniform Choice 'Screaming For Change' (Wishingwell) - Purple vinyl

Dinosaur Jr 'The Wagon' 7" (Sub Pop) - Purple vinyl

Beta Minus Mechanic '69 Camaro' 7" (Crisis) - Test Press

And finally...

Thanks to anyone who read this thing in 2011 & a bigger thanks to people who posted comments. See y'all in 2012...


Anonymous said...

Record collectors are self-congratulatory assholes!

Mike said...

Nice one. The funny thing is that I had the time for graphs and charts, but I didn't have time to do a list of my top pick-ups. I had intended on doing so, but time just got away from me.

PS. The Hope Defeated songs from 2011 were even better than the demo...which also ruled.