Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dinosaur Jr Sub Pop 7" Purple

So it turns out that this record here has for the last couple of years been one of my top 5 most wanted records. I have probably looked for it on eBay every week and not seen one for sale. There has been one on eBay for a fixed price (of $130) for about three years now, but I figured that was too much so refused to pay it. And it seems that everyone else felt the same as it remains one of those items that is permanently for sale. But finally someone put a copy up for auction, and I knew my time had come. After sitting at $10 for almost the entire duration of the auction, the last couple of minutes saw some furious bidding action, which ended up with me winning at a price which was slightly more than $10 and slightly more than I expected I would have to pay.

Anyway, here it is - Dinosaur Jr 'The Wagon / Better Than Gone' 7". Sub Pop 68. Purple vinyl. The pressing info for this is reportedly 10,000 copies on white vinyl and 200 on purple. That's not quite correct as there are also some clear pink copies floating about. But still, you get the idea. One in fifty is purple. It's pretty hard to find.

All the photos I had ever seen of this record made it look like a solid purple. But actually it's kinda transparent when you hold it, as hopefully this picture shows:

And finally, here are all three colours together. I'm super happy to be able to take this photo.

Hopefully soon I can track down the first album on red vinyl which I'm still missing. Then maybe I'll start thinking about collecting the SST 7"s on colour, although I'm not sure I have the energy for that.

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Mike said...

That last picture of all three colors looks great!