Sunday, 12 June 2011

Roses Never Fade LP Test & Yellow

One of my favourite albums of recent times is the Roses Never Fade LP that came out on A389 Records at the start of this year. The band features Dwid and a dude or two from Pale Creation playing acoustic, creepy folk type music. It's quite different and very good. I would advise anyone to check this out as it is the perfect late night listen. Even more perfect for those of you who may live in a log cabin in the middle of a forest where the temperature never rises above freezing.

I was lucky enough to obtain a test press of this album recently. Unlike most tests, this one comes on colour vinyl. It's kinda purpley grey. I think technically this is probably the 'scrap' vinyl that United sell cheaper than black vinyl. The colour is just various leftovers all chucked in together. Mine also came in a sleeve hand-made by Dwid:

I also picked up a copy of the album on yellow vinyl too. This is the more limited colour (aka the band colour) out of 100 copies. I think the vinyl colour was a good choice. It goes well with the cover art.

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Ezekiel said...

If you ever feel like selling or trading that Test press, contact me, i was following that one on Holy Terror last year but was too late, you got it.