Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tremors 'Island Songs' 7"

Here's something that makes a real change these days - me picking up on a newish band early doors. Usually I'm about 4 years behind. Still, even though I'm always behind, at least I manage to keep in touch with the important stuff (unlike this poor fool).

Tremors are a newish UK band hailing from London town. I know nothing about them other than they have scouse scally Graham on vocals. Dude used to sing for a band called Dirty Money. You may have heard of them.

But back to the point - Tremors. I saw this band play a few months ago (not sure why exactly I went out of the house, must have been having an off day). It was a cold dark night and they didn't really grab me. I probably wanted a pizza to be honest. But despite me not being in the best of moods, I liked how the band had anger, energy & honesty. I figured that these short blasts would sound a lot better once I was familiar with them, so I knew I wanted to check out their record when it eventually dropped... which was a couple of weeks ago.

I was lucky enough to get one of the red vinyl copies numbered out of 100.

All I can say is that this band rages. This is what I would call 'proper' hardcore punk. No posing, no bullshit. Just fast, angry hardcore that harks back to the early 80s. Probably not the kind of thing that kids who love B9 releases will love, although there is no doubt in my mind that people who celebrate the early Dischord catalogue will lap this up. If that sounds like you, and you still feel the need to keep up with current bands, then you could do a lot worse than check this record out.

This version here is the UK pressing put out by The Essence Records. However, there is also a US pressing coming out on Six Feet Under Records at some point in the near future. The US version will have different artwork to the UK version, so if you're one of these weirdy record collector types then you might want to consider buying one of each. This red vinyl version is now sold out, but it's still worth picking up as this UK pressing features an extra song that won't be on the US version. Pick one up in THE ESSENCE STORE.


Mike said...

Picking on those that once suffered a CD handicap, is just plain mean.

Lins87 said...

this sounds like something I'd like...fuck! they've ran out of red wax ones!!!

Mike said...

Sounds like something I'd like as well. Shame they are out of red already. Guess I'll wait for the SFU pressing.

_ said...

I didn't know this was out, just ordered a copy