Saturday, 3 September 2011

Screaming For Purple

I haven't bought many records for two months. Not really sure why. But all of a sudden it seems there are LOADS of records out there. New releases, newish releases, and people offering me stuff. And stuff on eBay that I can't resist having a go at... like this Uniform Choice LP:

I wish there was pressing info available for this record. I have seen different shades of this record, from a light lilac colour like this one, to a more deep purple verging on maroon. There is also a grey. But the more I look at variations, the more I wonder whether they are actually different pressings or whether (like the recent Youth Of Today 12" reissue on 'purple') it was all one pressing on the 'recycled' vinyl that usually ranges from grey to purple even though it's all one pressing and one 'colour'. I don't think that is the case with this LP, because I've not seen that 'colour' used on records that came out pre-late 90s, but it would be a convenient explanation for the colour variations. If only somebody actually knew!


Flanders Fury said...

Marcus, your post-titles are beginning to sound like vinylnoize titles. No offense though, always funny.

I think I will never own this one on color, but it's one of the best HC records ever IMO.

geoff said...

speaking of that YOT, i just got one thats taupe in color. more brown than taupe actually. im starting to think were going to see lots of different colors with that one. such a headache for rev collectors. haha

as for the UC, ive often wondered if the purple and grey were from the same press. its not hard to imagine the sequence in colors if they were pressed that way. in 1992 some guy with an insane collection was selling a screaming for change that was white, yes white. it was an impressive collection he auctioned off. i wish i won that auction, because he was dead on with his descriptions. i won some top notch records from him though. like my first gb with warzone label. he also had 3 different colors of the bold 7" and noted them. that was the first time i had ever heard of the the bold being on another color other than pink and orange. so i think he knew what was up. sadly ive never seen or heard of another white UC other than that one time. i still want to believe it exists.

(i know ive told this story before and if it was to you marcus, sorry for telling it twice.)

Lins87 said...

not a definite answer more like speculation, but a good read nontheless

mcs said...

Geoff - I haven't heard that story before. Very interesting.

Lins - I'd read Kyle's blog before but read it again. I don't have a first press and until I read that I had no idea that the actual cover art changed from 1st to 2nd press. I now want a 1st press with poster!

mel said...

i haven't bought any records in ages, getting fed up with all my money going on bills