Thursday, 15 December 2011

Times Together 2nd 7"

Yet another new release from yet another UK band. That makes two in a month. Anyone would think I had my finger on the pulse or something.

This is the second 7" by TIMES TOGETHER. I don't mind admitting that I was pretty excited to get this one, as their first 7" was my 2nd favourite 7" of 2010... although if I went back & re-did that list now I would place it at number one, cos I listen to it more than the record that I did put at number one. Ah well. Anyway, this 7" has just been released by Anger Battery Records. I pre-ordered the three 7" pack from their store and got one of each colour.

This pic shows the black 7" with the front cover, which kinda reminds me of the Judge 'Storm' 7" (for obvious reasons). Not sure I'm into all the little squares over the picture though. Black vinyl out of 250 copies:

Comes with a fold out glossy insert:

And here's the back cover, and the green vinyl (150 copies) which is a very close match to the green on the cover of the Chain TTD 7".

And finally the clear vinyl. This is only available from the band or via mailorder and is out of 100 copies.

I had no idea that pre-ordering would get me a limited sleeve, so that was a nice surprise. The 'sleeve' comes in the form of a single piece of card that sits on top of the regular sleeve.

It's also numbered out of 30, just like the release show version of the first 7" that I picked up recently.

So what's this like? Well, the band sounds like Uniform Choice, there's no denying that. But this 7" marks a step forward from the first 7" for me. I mean, musically I find it quite similar, but lyrically I think this shows progression. Lyrics feel a little darker and maybe a little more depressing - the soundtrack for people who feel let down and fucked over. Yet throughout it maintains a positive edge. To me, a couple of the songs can be read two ways... they are either about being let down by friends, or they are about being betrayed and left by someone you have loved deeply. What's really great though is that rather than all the songs being negative and critical, the penultimate song is open, honest and positive. Heck, it's just one of those beautiful songs. "I'm better when I'm with you". The record then ends with an instrumental called 'Rain' which is slow, reflective and a little sad. All in all, listening to this record feels like a short trip on an emotional roller coaster, which is quite an accomplishment for a straight up hardcore band.


XjamesX said...

Glad you like the record mate, your right with the TTD thing, the whole record is meant to have a TTD vibe, even the colours it's pressed on, and clear being the rarest :)

artyom said...

totally agreed. their 7" was my 2nd favorite too. can't wait to get my copies!

artyom said...

totally agreed. their first record was my 2nd favourite 7" too.. can't wait to get my copies!