Sunday, 22 November 2020

Rated X

Back at the end of August Painkiller Records put up a couple of new records for order. I hadn't picked up too many new records this year, but was really interested as it felt like one of these records was potentially going to be the hot new thing in straight edge hardcore - the debut LP from Rated X, 'United Front'. For once, I made sure to place an order as soon as the orders went live to make sure I could get one of the limited orange vinyl copies. For a second, I wondered whether I should let any of my friends know that this was available, but I assumed none of them would be interested as these days they seem to be mainly into splatter vinyl death metal records I've never heard or, or Japanese copies of Rod Stewart singles, so instead I just went to bed feeling pretty happy that I'd secured myself a colour vinyl copy.

For those unaware, Rated X is the new straight edge band / record by one man straight edge army Tom Pimlott, the guy who invented Violent Reaction. I saw a post where he said that this was the straight edge hardcore record he'd always wanted to make. A big statement, but I have to say, I get it.

This record is relentless. The first song has a 40 second intro / build up, and then after that everything moves at 100mph. There are 12 songs and it's over in 15 minutes. It probably reminds me of No Tolerance more than any other straight edge band I can think of. Fast, hard and pissed, this is the perfect musical 'fuck you' response to all the shit that's gone down in 2020.

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Mike said...

ha ha ha ha...this post made me laugh out loud. Glad you could find the time to listen to Rated X in between those System of a Down records.