Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Cheap 7"s (2014 Edition)

My 'buy cheap stuff from the UK' run is still going strong. It's partly driven by the effect of Corona virus on the international postage system, and partly because it's kinda fun to buy cheap records and have then arrive in a couple of days. And to think I have spent years chasing expensive records. Cheap finds are just as satisfying if not more so.

The first item on today's list is the first recording by Red Death. This 7" is is a vinyl pressing of their demo from 2014 plus one extra song, released by Grave Mistake Records.

There were 220 copies on clear vinyl. Perhaps it's just me but I'm not as into this as their later stuff.

Next up is the debut 7" by True Love. This was released back in 2013. I have another record by this band, which I quite enjoyed as it was a decent rip off of American Nightmare from back when they were actually good, but I haven't really followed their last couple of releases. I assume they are reasonably popular as they have had releases on both Bridge Nine and Triple B.

I like the artwork on this one, and how the vinyl colour matches the flowers on the front cover. The vinyl also reminds me of the colour pressing of the second American Nightmare 7".

At the rate I'm going I could probably just change the name of this blog to 'cheap 7"s' and carry on like this forever more.

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