Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Body Feel

And another 2018 release that I'm picking up late - the Shook Ones 'Body Feel' LP. This came out on Revelation a full 9 years after their last LP, and 12 years after their second LP that Revelation also released. That seems crazy to me. I mean, 12 years is the same amount of time between first Minor Threat 7" and Earth Crisis 'Firestorm' 7". Is it just me, or is 12 years these days far less significant than 12 years was three decades back?

Anyway, I digress. I was wanting something with a little more melody and this LP came along at the right time. I downloaded it and listened a few times and then realised that I wanted to buy a copy... and, as is often the case with me, it then turned out that the first press colour copies had sold out. Fortunately though I managed to find one without too much trouble. The first press is on this solid green:

And because the first press had sold out, of course there was then a second press available, which I figured it would also be sensible to pick up whilst I was at it. The second press comes on a solid light purple, which I have to say is a really nice colour:

I've had a weird relationship with this band over the years. Loved their first LP, didn't get on so well with the second, never heard the third at all, and really enjoyed the fourth. I think this is a thing I've noticed with a few bands that have been around for a few years - it's easy to gain and lose interest as time passes. For some reason you can love one record and then not be too fussed when the next one comes out. I guess it's because music is often a time and place kinda thing. Sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn't. But all in all I think this is my favourite Shook Ones record (of the ones I have heard), and there aren't too many bands that get better as they go on, right?

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