Saturday, 28 October 2017

Lincoln Union 7"

Being a hardcore kid of the 90s, there are some records I hold dear to my heart that a lot of people have either forgotten about or never really knew about in the first place. I think the band Lincoln fits into this category. Their first 7", released by Watermark Records in 1993, was one of the first 'new' hardcore records I bought when I first started getting into straight edge hardcore in 1993. At the time, the only other bands and records I'd bought or heard were older bands, most of which had broken up by 1993. But Lincoln was a current / new band, and their debut 7" seemed to have everyone's attention when it came out. As discogs says, Lincoln was 'an American emo/hardcore band that existed in the early 1990s known for blending song structures that were similar to Washington, DC straigtedge bands of the time with screaming vocals and were generally considered one of the more influential bands of the burgeoning second wave of 'emo' in the early 90s'. I think that's a pretty fair description.

Their debut 7" is often referred to as 'Union'... although I was never really sure whether this was the title of the 7" or not. 'Union' is the title of the first song, but doesn't appear as a title on the front cover, so I was never sure if it was actually titled 'Union' or whether this is just how people referred to it. Anyway, I just picked up this green vinyl copy for cheap.

One thing that was slightly annoying about this 7" is that the seller only sent me a photo of the record, not the cover. I wasn't bothered because I was mainly interested in the shade of green vinyl. But when I received it I found it had a price sticker on the front. Oh well.

I've actually owned a green vinyl copy of this for a long, long time. But the reason I picked up another copy is that it's a different shade of green. At least, that was my reason for buying it. I actually used to own two different green vinyl copies of this years ago, so always had it in the back of my mind that there were two different greens. So when I saw this for sale I asked for a photo to see if it was indeed the brighter green that I was looking for. But when I saw the photo, and went to check my record, it then realised that both copies also have different colour labels.

This is what I love about record collecting. After owning this record for over twenty years, this is the first time I realised that there are two very different versions of the green vinyl. Given the relatively obscurity of this 7" in the modern, internet age, I'm also wondering how many other people know (or care) about this. Probably not many I would guess. But this seriously made my week.

For anyone unfamiliar with this 7", check it out on boobtube:


Willem Termote said...

I recognise the feeling as described in this post a lot, as I collected a lot of nineties stuff over the past decade. There's a lot of ignorance about the 90's decade and that is why I love it so much. Always surprising.

Bakla said...

This is a great 7" I had no idea what this was when I bought it, it was 2 bucks so I took the plunge and love it