Saturday, 21 October 2017

Do Or Die

When the pre-orders for the new Burn LP went live, I wasn't exactly excited. If anything, I would probably rank my interest level at 'indifferent'. Despite being a record collector, the number of vinyl options put me right off, as well as the fact that they were all splattery swirly options. I ordered the European version ('Transparent Red w/ Orange + Black Splatter') and left it there.

First observation when it arrived was that it was severely lacking in the orange department. It just looks like red with black splatter to me. Not that it matters really.

The whole package is pretty high quality, with lots of bits included. The record itself comes in a great looking inner sleeve with a huge Burn logo up the side:

There's also a ridiculously huge booklet included which contains the lyrics. It's 28 pages thick, and the record sleeve itself is wider than average to accommodate it.

As much as the inclusion of a booklet is a cool move, this feels like a slight let down. I mean, if it were full colour and contained photos of the band and more of the burning building artwork it would have been cool, but devoting each double spread to one song's lyrics seems a bit of a wasted opportunity.

Anyway, what about the record itself? What's the verdict? Well, I have to say I like it. It's good. I was sceptical at first, and not overly impressed with the first song, but after getting over that and giving the other songs a chance, I think this is a good record. It sounds familiar enough to be recognisable as Burn, yet slightly different and up to date sounding. I was slightly disappointed to find that it contains re-recorded versions of two older songs ('Last Great Sea' and 'New Morality'), although I have to say that they definitely sound good. Both songs have been slightly slowed down and harder. So overall, this has proved an enjoyable record. Not an instant hit that I crave constantly, but one that I find myself going back to every couple of days. More of a slow burn, if you will ;o)

Oh yeah, and they also threw in a gigantic poster too... although between the booklet, the record and the poster, there are too many pieces to fit inside the sleeve.

So overall a good record but a few mild irritations on the packaging.

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