Sunday, 8 October 2017

Humanity Remixed

Integrity week, day 7.

So as well as the vinyl reissue of 'Humanity Is The Devil' that Organized Crime put out, Magic Bullet Records also decided to mark the 20th Anniversary of the record's release. They did this by releasing a remix version. They put it out of something called a 'compact disc'. I decided to pass. But then a year or so later, Organized Crime came to the rescue with a vinyl pressing. They pressed 213 copies of it onto orange vinyl and sold it as a soecial pre-order for Halloween 2016. It comes in some pretty fancy packaging, which is pretty much identical to the 2012 Halloween version of the 'Systems Overload' remix.

And, just like the 2013 'Systems' remix, the cover folds out into a giant double sided poster.

The insert contains a piece written by Dwid which kinda explains where the name of the record comes from.

As you will appreciate, 213 copies on vinyl isn't very many. So earlier this year, Organized Crime pressed up another 715 copies for the masses, launched as a Record Store Day release. This is a more basic, stripped down version, on black vinyl and without the mylar bag.

As much as I like 'Humanity', I'm not really sure why there was a need for this remix. I get why it was done for 'Systems Overload', but not this one. Still, if it's an excuse to press more Integrity records, then I probably shouldn't question it.

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Anonymous said...

Agree that Integrity's greatest record really didn't need a remix.
They made it sound like a demo.
Fantastic packaging though.