Saturday, 7 October 2017

Humanity Is The Devil 20th Anniversary

Integrity week, day 6.

'Humanity Is The Devil' came out at the back end of 1995. I have a vague memory from back then of being surprised that another Integrity record had dropped, because it had only been a few months since 'Systems Overload' had come out, and the gap between that and the first full length had been 4 years! Anyway, after the shock of this record appearing pretty much completely withuot warning, it pretty much instantly became a classic. From the first few seconds of the first song, 'Vocal Test', it was a brutal assault that didn't let up. The Pushead artwork was so stunning that it made the fact that this was issued as a 10" acceptable. And the rest is history.

Somehow twenty two years have passed since the record was first released. Victory kept the CD in print for a few years, but it's been a long time since it was available on vinyl. So to coincide with the twenty year anniversary of it's release, Organized Crime decided to reissue it.

This time around, however, it was coming out as a 12", rather than the format that everyone loves to hate. I took a couple of pics with the reissue on the left and the original on the right:

The most common version they pressed was a red vinyl, which was released for Record Store Day 2016.

I like some of the subtle changes on these reissues. Like how the lamb and the goat on the labels have been reversed.

This version comes with a bunch of extras, including insert and poster:

But of course, like every one of these reissues, Organized Crime made some more limited versions for mailorder. The obligatory clear with black smoke vinyl in limited cover, numbered out of 320 copies:

And the most limited colour, this time being orange, numbered out of 221:

And of course, it didn't stop there. A second press soon followed, on two different colours. The most limited is this green colour, numbered out of 134:

And the more common colour from the second press, the 'tan' vinyl (although its a very pale tan, which looks more like an off white colour in this pic).

There are another couple of versions of this one that I still don't have yet, but which will be here in the next shipment. So I'll have to do another post on this one. But I'll end this with a pic of the copies from this post all sitting together.

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Anonymous said...

The greatest record Integrity have put out, in fact, the greatest hardcore record of all time!