Monday, 9 October 2017

Suicide Black Snake

Integrity week, day 8. Yes, I messed up and had posts for 8 days, which clearly takes us beyond a week. Ah well.

'Suicide Black Snake' is an album that was released back in 2013. Back when it came out I picked up two copies, but left it there because collecting the lot felt like too much. The first press consisted of 8 different colours, and each one was exclusive to one seller or another, meaning no postage discounts for buying multiple copies. With the price of each LP (including shipping) being $30+, I threw in the towel. Not long afterwards, there was a second pressing, which consisted of a further 7 colours. It seemed like a new level of insanity that not even I was going to attempt to reach.

Well, a few months ago I saw Dom from A389 post that he was selling a bunch of stuff, and I saw an opportunity. So after a few emails I managed to work out a really good deal for both a test press and ALL of the other colours of this LP that I was missing. Depending on which side of the fence you sit, you'll either think that this is one of the most ridiculous things you have ever seen, or really cool. I'm still not even sure where I stand myself yet to be honest, but at least I got this lot for a really good price. Anyway, here's the rundown...

First up, the test press. This comes in a 'mirror' cover and is numbered out of only 10 copies:

Next, the remaining 6 first press colours that I was missing...

Orange splatter, aka 'fireball'. This was originally the A389 preorder colour:

Gold splatter, aka 'bronze fireball'. This was some band or tour edition.

Clear, black and white stripe vinyl. This was exclusive to Magic Bullet Records.

Clear vinyl. This was another Magic Bullet exclusive:

Clear splatter. This was made for Cobraside distribution.

Gold. Another Cobraside distribution colour.

That wraps up the first press colours that I was missing. Next, the second press colours...

Blue splatter, aka 'Twilight Haunt'. This one SOLD OUT quick. 100 copies.

Red splatter, aka 'Thee Red Fury' / 100:

Green splatter, aka 'Leffe blood splatter'. This was a band colour.

Purple, aka 'M.A.N'. 100 copies.

Red vinyl / 550:

Red, white & black tri-color / 550:

And finally, pink vinyl with a blue inner cirle (aka 'round and round'):

So that's that. And whilst I was photographing all of these, I also pulled out the two copies I've had for the past 4 years (white and grey) so that I could take this one picture of all of them at one go. Despite the large number of different colours, the good thing is that the number forms a nice 4x4 square:

Well, that concludes my week of Integrity posts. I'm still expecting more Integrity records in the mail, but they'll have to wait for later. For now, it's back to business as usual...


Willem Termote said...

And then I started to think my Reaper Records collection is insane. Thanks for sticking too it Marcus... at least I am not the only one.

geoff said...

you really need to rent out a huge warehouse for the day to take a group shot of your complete integrity collection. of course you would need a catwalk for the camera, really good lighting, and clean floors.

when this happens, let me know so i can book a flight an help you out with that massive endeavor.

mcs said...

it's like a catch 22 situation in reverse... you'd come over and help out if I rented a space to photograph the records... but if you were coming over I'd rent out the space. So let me know when you're free :o)

Stefan Sonic said...

There is a Dwid Hellion hand drawn cover version of the test press for this LP