Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Integrity Power Trip

Integrity week, day 3. The split 12" with Power Trip.

Last year Magic Bullet released an Integrity / Power Trip split 12". On paper it's a largely pointless release, as it contains 5 songs in total, of which 4 were previously released on other records.Still, it didn't stop me from wanting to own all copies, because that's just the kind of fool I am. I managed to buy a test press from the label last year, but it went into my lost box and vanished. I had also paid a little extra to have Dwid hand make a cover for it, which arrived without issue. So I ended up with a cover and no record to go inside it. Well, a couple of months ago I made a trade with someone for their test press, so finally I have ended up with a record for my cover! That said, this copy came from Magic Bullet in a standard cover, so it didn't really need one. But now it has two, the greedy bastard!

The paper inner sleeve is stamped with the label's logo and the details of the record. This is a relatively new thing that Magic Bullet are now doing with all their tests. And whilst I'm in favour of standardisation, it just seems slightly odd to start doing it when you're 200 releases down the track.

So here's a pic of the test with the cover that's been laying empty for the past year. Looks good, right?

Wel, after finally picking up that test press, I figured it was about time to pick up the regular copies of this release. This came on two colours of vinyl (clear and red) plus black. No idea which is rarest as Magic Bullet don't publish that kind of information.

And because I was taking photos of all of these things at the same time, it seemed appropriate to take one of them all next to each other:

I really do loev the look of this record, although I'm still not sure why someone thought it needed to exist in the first place.

That's three days, three posts, three tests and seven records total. And still there's more. Come back tomorrow for the next installment...

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