Monday, 16 October 2017

Give Me More RSD 2017

Earlier this year Give announced via instagram that they had a couple of records available on Record Store Day. As with previous years, these things were only available at one shop in the whole wide world (Joint Custody Records), making them pretty hard to get for someone who lives approximately 3700 miles away. However... the difference between hard and impossible is a thousand miles wide...

The first record is the band's first release - the 'S/T' 12" on Moon Flower Records. Apparently they 'found' 25 copies leftover, so put them in a plain black sleeve with a sticker int he top right corner. Looks pretty cool if you ask me (although was tough to photograph on a black background!).

The second record was the 'Boots Of Faith 7" with a limited 'Anthony Dye' cover. This 7" was their second release, back in 2010, so I'm guessing these are also 'found' (or leftover) copies.

I'm glad that they made this because this 7" was, until now, the only one of their 7"s that didn't come with a limited cover featuring one of the members of the band on the front. So now it finally fits nicely into the series.

Overall, a slight con that these 2017 RSD releases are just old records in different covers, but hey, that's what record collecting is about. And with there being only 25 copies of each of these records in existence, I'm very happy to have them.

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itallcomesdowntothis said...

That does look great. Also nice Bane reference. You should ask Dalbec about that again sometime soon, haha.