Thursday, 5 October 2017

Black Overload

Integrity week, day 4.

Back in July I had a week away in the sun. Literally spent 7 days laying in the sun and generally doing nothing at all. Unplugged from the matrix. After landing, I went to toilets in the airport, and when I was in there thought to check my phone. There was literally one minute left on an Integrity record that I was watching on eBay. So I stood entering a bid whilst taking a piss. A few seconds later I won. I'd literally been back in the country for about ten minutes and already I was buying records.

This is the regular black vinyl pressing of this LP on Victory Records. It came out in 1995. I got a clear vinyl copy from the label when it was released, which I still own, but in the quest for completeness I knew that I was going to need a black copy too. The saving grace is that this copy sold for much cheaper than this record usually does, probably partly because it was being sold by someone in the UK.

Not the most exciting update, I know, but unfortunately I ran out of time today. And I can't post test pressings every day you know.

Tomorrow will be a bit more interesting I promise...


Mike said...

Worth it for the pissing story alone!

Anonymous said...

Always thought that the og press is much more of a looker than the repress.
Look sinister on black vinyl.