Monday, 2 October 2017

Black Heksen Test

For the three of you who still read this regularly, you're probably wondering where the Integrity records have been this year. Or, more likely, you hadn't even noticed that I've only made one Integrity post so far in 2017 and you've been enjoying reading about something else for a change. Well, if you're remotely interested in Integrity then this could just be the week you've been waiting for, because I'm finally getting around to catching up on my backlog. I figure I can probably stretch this out for a week, so if Integrity ain't your thing then maybe get into your bunker and wait for the storm to pass sometime next week.

Day 1, and I'm starting out the week with a test press of the A389 Recordings pressing of the 'Black Heksen Rise' 7". This 7" has been around the block a bit. The songs on it were originally on the split 2x7" with Rot In Hell that came out back in 2011, and the Integrity songs then got repressed as a single 7" on a Norwegian label (Indie Recordings), before then being pressed Stateside by A389. I've never seen a test press of the Indie Recordings pressing, but this test press on A389 is a pretty cool item as it comes on clear red vinyl and is numbered out of only ten copies:

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Anonymous said...

I've been missing the Integrity posts.
Be good to see what you have lined up.