Thursday, 28 November 2013

Shook Ships

Until the mid 00's I didn't have much trouble keeping up with Rev's limited releases. But circa 2006 or so they abandoned their 'one limited color pressing' approach and instead moved to the more common policy of 'too many pressings to possibly keep up with'. I still don't have all of the limited versions of the Shook Ones and Sinking Ships records that Rev released. But thankfully both bands have become less collectible and prices have come down a lot. Which means I can fill some holes. Here are two examples, both on the best colour vinyl.

The Shook Ones 'Slaughter Of The Insole' 7" came out in 2006 and this one comes on pink vinyl and in a limited sleeve. I seriously have no idea how many versions of this 7" exist. It just seems like loads. This one seems confusing in itself though. The sleeve says 'West Coast Tour' at the top, but it also says 'Record Release February 4 2006' in the pink bit in the centre. So I'm not sure if this is a tour press or a record release show copy.

As you can see, this one is number 92/100. What makes this even more confusing to me is that the Rev discography reads as follows:

60 of the pink vinyl came with limited tour covers that, due to various hold ups became record release show covers sold at a basement show in Ballard, Washington.

See? 60 of the pink vinyl came with limited tour covers... yet I have number 92/100. So is the rev text wrong when it says 60? Or is there another limited sleeve that I don't have? Anyone know? I don't think there is another limited cover, but there are so many of these things that I wouldn't be surprised. This is actually the sixth copy of this 7" that I own now. I kinda hope there isn't a seventh one to chase.

The Sinking Ships 'Ten' 7" came out in 2007 and, like the Shook Ones 7", there are seemingly endless versions out there. This new copy is now the seventh one of these that I own, and (also like the Shook Ones 7") I have no idea if there are more out there that I still need. This copy comes in the limited 'Sound & Fury' sleeve, numbered 72 but out of how many I have no idea. The back of the sleeve has some pretty bad ringwear and in truth I would like a better condition sleeve. I'll probably grab one if I see one for not too much.

The Rev discography makes no mention of the limited covers that exist for this one, so technically I now own two more copies than are documented by Rev. I wish they would put some work into properly maintaing their discography. It would make my job much easier.


geoff said...

heres the write up from the person who screened the covers. its in reference to the one without the nervana logo on the front.

"This is one of only two West Coast Tour pressings. Originally, 100 of the West Coast Tour vellum inserts were hand screen printed. But the band left for tour and mysteriously misplaced (forgot) the inserts. So zero West Coast Tour editions were sold during the West Coast Tour. Upon arriving back in the Northwest, the misplaced inserts were recovered. Rather than let them go to waste, the band screen printed the Nirvana logo in pink over the West Coast Tour inserts to sell at the grunge-themed record release show at the Manalaska house in Seattle. The band felt bad about ruining the inserts I hand printed for them, so they kept two of the original, un-altered West Coast Tour versions out of the Nirvana run and gave them to me. So here is the only chance to get your hands on the West Coast Tour version, as i have the only other one and will not be selling it.”

Anonymous said...

There are 100 of the sound and fury SS 7". 50 on red and 50 on pink.