Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Murder Weapon

The best thing about having lots of records is re-discovering things. I mean, I picked up a copy of the Murder Weapon 'Nervous Wreck' 7” years ago when it came out, and I enjoyed it. I remember having it taped (well, on a minidisc, I think, rather than an actual tape) with a load of other 7”s of the same era. It always stood out as one of the best of the time, but I haven't listened to it for years. Well, recently I realised that I was missing these songs from my ipod, so I downloaded them, and it was almost like discovering the record all over again. So of course, with the songs back on rotation and the band back on my mind I looked around to see if there were any records for sale, and I chanced upon this blue vinyl copy of the 7” for pretty cheap:

I already have this on pink and white. Blue is/was the most common colour, but for some reason I never bothered with it back then. I guess a few years ago I was happy with one copy of a record, or two in exceptional circumstances. Maybe that’s why I never felt the need to add a third colour to the collection? Who knows. Anyway, if you have never heard this then you need to sort yourself out. This sounds pretty much exactly like the first No Warning LP.

I looked around a bit and it seems that there are release show and final show sleeve variants of this thing out there which I naturally now want. No doubt I could have picked them up ten times over by now if I hadn't completely forgotten about this band.


Nico said...

Never even knew that actually released a record. I did however seen them in CBGB.

blessed cursed said...

The final show version is a Sopranos ripoff. It's pretty cool looking.