Monday, 4 November 2013

A Good Trade, No Doubt

It's not often I trade these days, but I always like to trade when the chance arises. Who doesn't? This one was with fellow blogger Chris. We were talking about a record he wanted to buy from me, and then he let me know he had a spare Mindset 'Leave No Doubt' LP on white. I sent him a link to my trade/sale list, but I don't think he was into anything on there. But then I managed to come up with something he did want that wasn't on my list, and the deal was agreed. The package he sent me arrived a couple of days ago. So here's the white vinyl Mindset LP he sent me:

When I opened the package, however, I found two records inside. It turned out that Chris also sent me a black vinyl copy of the same LP. I guess he must ahve looked at my blog and realised I didn't have one.

Naturally I was / am extremely grateful for this extra LP, and it made me feel a bit shitty for only sending the record I agreed to send! Ha! Anyway, this now means that I have 5 copies of this LP. Kinda funny as I didn't pre-order originally and struggled to even find one copy when it came out. But while five copies may seem like a lot to some people, it still feels like not enough copies to me. After all, I'm still a long way from Mike's complete collection.

Thanks Chris! I owe you one.


Mike said...

Five copies? Only three more to go. Get on it!

chris said...

Thanks for the trade and the shout out!!! Hopefully we will both be able to finish off this set.

bubblegum casting said...

Ive been looking for these for a while also!