Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Open Your Eyes

When Revelation repressed the first two Warzone LPs a few years ago, I wasn't interested. I just figured that they were records that I could live without. But of course, when I saw one selling for cheap on eBay recently, I found myself feeling tempted. I guess I am still a sucker for a piece of Rev colour vinyl that I don't own.

'Open Your Eyes' was the second Warzone album, originally released in 1988 by Caroline Records, and Revelation repressed it 30 years later, in 2018. This is the more common colour option, being out of 1315 copies.

The main difference between the original pressing and this repress is the insert. The original release came with a single sheet, folded in half, which had the lyrics on it and a photo of each band member. This repress comes with a large, glossy booklet, which has the lyrics printed in a massive font as well as some action shots of the band. Its kinda cool, although its very thick, and probably could have been condensed into half as much paper without too much effort.

I never liked this album as much as the first, or even the later ones on Victory. But listening to it again recently and I've definitely appreciated it more than ever before. Turns out it's not bad after all.

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Mike said...

But is it as good as the self titled record?