Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Worn Thin

Finally I've reached the end of the stuff I bought in a lot from one seller, and I made sure to save my favourite until last...

I always liked Worn Thin a lot. They were around in the early 00s and, compared to most bands of the time, were a little less hard and a little more melodic. They only put out three records, but got progressively better with each release, and I thought it was a shame that they called it a day after their excellent full length. Well anyway, I recently took the opportunity to pick up some rare copies of their first 7" (on Malfunction Records) as this was the record I was most lacking.

First is the test press. I don't know how many were made.

The other two copies I picked up were both from the record release show, which took place on the 3rd of November 2001. Both come with one of these pieces of paper inside:

The reason I have two is because, despite being part of the same pressing, these records look completely different. The first copy is a kind of burnt orange / brown colour:

Oh, and it also comes in a stamped dust sleeve.

The second copy is almost gold, but has some black swirls:

I do really like the sleeve used for the record release copies. It looks so much better than the regular sleeve.

Well, that's that. I also pulled out the only other copy of this record that I own to fill out a collection picture. As well as the vinyl colours, I really like the sleeve variations here:

I think there is also a limited black vinyl pressing of this which is possibly the rarest version. I'm not entirely sure. But I imagine that if I can track one down it won't cost too much.


geoff said...

this run of posts has been incredible. one of you best from the beginning. i was checking all the time for the updates, thanks for posting them all. its a lot of effort to get the photos to turn out as well as you do. the best part is i was able to see some pictures of records i never knew of, and some that i have only heard of. thank you marcus for making record nerds around the world smile!

Andy McKay said...

In my notes, it says there were 142 copies on black.

Fun random trivia on this release:

I have a copy on orange with some drawings on the center labels that's numbered as the "So Cal Brad" pressing, numbered 1/5. I've talked to Carlos about it (a long time ago) and he seems to think it likely that someone in the band did it. Though there's no idea if #'s 2 through 5 were created.

So Cal Brad A Side
So Cal Brad B Side

Complete collection

mcs said...

Thanks for the comment, Andy. Really interesting. I love the 'So Cal Brad' copy you have. Ha! I couldn't actually see the collection pic though as photobucket is so fucking shit these days that for some reason I can only see the top half of the pic.