Wednesday, 13 September 2017


After finishing my series of posts of stuff I got in one lot from one seller, today it's back to business as usual...

At the back end of April this year I ventured out of the house to see Paint It Black play in London. This was literally the day after seeing Integrity play. It's not often that I go to see anything these days, but two shows in two days I haven't been out since. Anyway, after seeing Paint It Black play I was really impressed and listened to them for a few days afterwards. Sometimes you need these reminders of how good some bands are I guess. So this prompted me to look around to see if there were any records for sale. By coincidence, a few weeks later someone in the UK sold off a bunch of Paint It Black records on eBay. I intended to win a few, but only won a single 7" - this brown vinyl copy of the 'Amnesia' 7" on Bridge Nine:

I vaguely remember reading something a few years ago where the band apparently thought that they had put out three full lengths in a short space of time, and vowed to only release 7"s for a while. There were then three 7"s released in 2008/09, and this was one of them. I don't own any of them, and as you may expect there are multiple pressings of each, so it always felt a little too much to get into. But this brown vinyl copy, being a first press copy and also the rarest colour, seems a good place to start.

I didn't pay much for this record, and after winning I was feeling a little down because the same seller also sold a cool tour press of the second LP and I missed it. But when this arrived my spirits were lifted because the seller also threw in another copy of the same 7" for free. A third press, green marble copy of the same record. It may be the last pressing and the most common colour, but it's a really cool colour - very similar to the green Gorilla Biscuits 7" (although it looks a bit lighter in this pic for some reason):

So it turns out that Paint It Black released another 7" in 2013, but nothing since. I'd kinda figured the band had called it a day, so it was cool to see that they are still around in some form. And after being really impressed with their live show, I'm sure they still have some life left in them. Hopefully something new will emerge soon.


Mike said...

I remember loving that trio of 7 inches..much more than their album on Rivalry... but it has been a long time since I've given them a spin. Might be time to revisit them.

Matt Harris said...

Ha! I'm the guy who was selling those PIB records--I had been collecting their stuff for a while but decided to cut back and just keep the most common version of everything. If you want I still have a few seven inches left:

Amnesia (grey, first pressing)
Amnesia (clear, second pressing)
Invisible (clear w/ coloured centre label, first pressing)
Invisible (white, first pressing)
Invisible (dark purple, second/third? pressing)

Hit me up at if you're keen!