Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Nobody's Fool

Sometimes I don't set out to collect different copies of a record, but it just kinda happens. Such is the case with the Clear 7". I was initially happy with just one copy (on clear) which I picked up for cheap. But then I picked up another copy for cheap, and then another... which left me with only one other colour to find. So of course, I kept my eyes open, and eventually one popped up.

The pink (which, incidentally, is the best colour for any record, not just this one) was the more limited colour of the second pressing. There were only 100, so it took a little time for one to surface. But when it did, it was pretty cheap.

This meant that I suddenly had a complete colour vinyl collection of this 7". I took a photo, but then realised that I had put them in a random order like some kind of idiot.

Shown in the wrong order are; 1st Press on Clear (300), 1st Press on Clear Blue (600), 2nd Press on Pink (100), 2nd Press on Clear Yellow (400). Not shown at all are the This Is Hardcore 2012 press and the test press. But given that this is already three steps further than I planned coming originally, let's not rule them out from making an appearance in the future...

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itallcomesdowntothis said...

This is great. And you're absolutely right about the pink vinyl.