Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Another Step Closer

It wasn't long ago that I only really had a couple of Harvest records, and then the last year or so I have picked up a few, to the point where it feels like my collection is respectable. This latest pickup is the grey vinyl pressing of the 'One Step Closer Than The Last' 7", which came out on Trustkill Records back in 1998.

I bought the orange vinyl one back when this came out. Kinda funny to be picking up another version all these years later.

As you can see from the picture, this grey version was limited to 100 copies, with a blank b-side label which has been hand numbered using a big black marker. I have an Endeavor LP which was released by Trustkill which looks the same - grey vinyl with a white label, numbered using a black marker. And there's also a pressing of the Harvest LP on the same configuration. At this rate I should probably be picking one up circa 2035.

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geoff said...

the lp on grey vinyl is really cool looking because its scrap vinyl, but basically all of them turned out as grey with a little color mixed in. they look great. hand numbered 1 of that record is sitting on josh tk's wall. (i doubt he even knows its #1/50 or even grey vinyl, haha)