Monday, 19 October 2015

A Triple Let Down

So before the BURN show a couple of weeks ago, I spent some time in London. I went to three places - two for food, and one for records. When I visited All Ages Records in Camden, I was presented with a small collection of used 7"s from 'behind the counter'. The pile contained a pretty good collection of Let Down 7"s, a couple of which I didn't have. The funny thing was that I wasn't entirely sure whether I already owned a couple of them or not. I had to check my own collection on HYE using my phone to figure out which I had and which I 'needed'. As it turns out, my initial instinct was right, and the green vinyl copy in the red sleeve was one that I was missing, so I grabbed it.

If you've never seen one of these 7"s before then you're missing out. This was the last release on Dead By 23 Records, and most of them have tri-fold covers which look really cool, like this one for example:

I also picked up this weird variant that I hadn't seen before, which comes in an I HATE YOU 'Seven Inches of Hate' rip off cover.

The cool thing about this cover is that the Let Down 7" only has 4 songs on it. The first four songs listed on the back cover are the Let Down songs, whereas the last three are the last three I Hate You songs.

The third 7" I picked up is the 'final press' of the other 7" that came out on Six Feet Under Records. This one is stamped and hand numbered on the labels, although the cover is nowhere near as nice as the first 7". In fact, it kinda sucks.

I took the opportunity to pull out all of my copies of the first 7" to take a group photo. I do have ten of the things after all. Seems like an appropriate way to wrap up this post...

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chris said...

I only have a couple of these and seeing this makes me want to add to them. I've never even heard of that I HATE YOU cover. Maybe one day.