Saturday, 4 January 2014

Resurrection Of The Wolf

This one came right at the end of last year and I didn't get around to posting it unfortunately. I also didn't really find the time to play it until this week either. But after playing it three times a day all week, I figured I should get it up on here.

So No Warning broke up a few years ago (not sure when exactly - 2005-6?), but all of a sudden in early December news hit the internet that they had recorded a new 7". News dropped of a release show (which the band were not actually playing at), but then within a day or two the 7" was up for sale at Revelation and Bridge Nine. Figuring this would sell out in a matter of minutes, I placed an order as quick as I could. I'm not sure exactly how quick it did sell out, but I'm pretty sure it was within a day.

Don't get too excited though. The band aren't back together full time. They just met up in order to record this thing and sell it as a way of helping one of bassist Zach Amster, who it seems is currently in jail in California. The money from this release is intended to help his wife and daughter. If you want to read a little more then check out the band's current website HERE.

So what does this sound like? Well, it sounds exactly like No Warning. More 'Ill Blood' than 'Suffer Survive'. The first song is a new song, lasts for just over three minutes, and hits hard. Good stuff. The second songs is a Violent Minds cover that lasts for 44 seconds, and I'm not convinced there is much point to it to be honest. They could have got away with a one sided, one song record. People would have still bought it. Anyway, this looks like a one time pressing of 500 copies which is now sold out, but if the point is to raise money to help someone, then it would seem sensible to make more copies given the demand is clearly there. SO perhaps there will be a second pressing. We shall see..


Sean said...

I said this on Dustin's blog already but I think they decided to cover VM because Zach sang for that band. I think that's the only point really. I haven't received my copy yet. Being such a VM fiend I am really excited to here it.

mcs said...

Thanks, Sean. I didn't know that.

By the way, you don't need the record to listen to the songs. You can stream both on the band's website that I linked to in my post.

Sean said...

Didn't realise. Will check. Thanks.