Sunday, 12 January 2014

Vital Times

I've talked about having patience many times before. If you want something and the price is high, you have two options - you can either pay now and potentially save money if you expect the price to carry on rising, or you can play the long game and settle down and wait for the price to come down. History has shown that most bands will break up and get almost forgotten about, and the prices of their records will drop significantly. Today's post is an example of this. Back when ON were about and creating a bit of a buzz, their 7"s would sell for a decent wedge, but I bought these two 'Vital Times' 7"s for less than $20 for the two.

Firstly, the white vinyl. This was the pre-order version out of 250 copies.

The second copy was this green vinyl 2008 west coast tour version. As you can see, this one is numbered out of only 75 copies. This used to regularly sell for $30-60 when the band were about, so to get it for $10 feels quite satisfying. And it's a cool low number too.

There's something to be said for the 'sit back and wait four years' approach. I might see if I can pick up a couple more ON 7"s I'm missing too. I could do with a release version of this, and the red vinyl version of the other 7" too. Maybe they'll come around by 2016...


Willem RWHAF said...

I always thought Vital Times ep to be better than the Control ep.

I fully agree on your observation concerning the prices.

Anonymous said...

The price change is crazy indeed... a lot of people are far too willing to drop astronomical sums on flavor-of-the-month records.

I picked up the same green vinyl tour edition you posted here when my friend booked them on that tour... I think it was $5. Some guy saw it on my HYE list less than a year later & offered me something like $75 for it. Given that I'm not a big fan, I was more than happy to take the money.

XjamesX said...

These were wicked records, good scores :)