Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Forget The Cars

I've had a blue/orange mix vinyl of the first Fastbreak LP since it came out. But recently I saw picture of the more common blue vinyl and decided I wanted one. Fast forward a few weeks and that vision has now become a reality. I got one for a pretty low price too which makes it even better.

I was sure that from memory this came out on three colours - blue, orange, and a blue/orange mix. Looks like I must have imagined the orange vinyl though as that doesn't seem to exist at all. I did get outbid on a test press of this one a while ago, which was disappointing, but I'm sure I'll get another shot at some point. Anyway, as much as I like this LP, I never liked the cover. There are a couple of things that annoy me. Firstly, the song titles and 'credits' are listed on the front. I mean, seriously, why would anyone put all that text on the front? And secondly, where are the so-called Fast Women? The album is called 'Fast Cars, Fast Women' yet I see only cars. Talk about false advertising!

1 comment:

XjamesX said...

Come on man, it's a Chevy nova! Love this record :)