Sunday, 19 January 2014

Another Integrity Catch Up

Sometimes I really feel like I have made a mistake in trying to collect Integrity records. I mean, up until about 2008 or so, there weren't too many Integrity records out there. The band had been quiet for a long time. For the past few years, there seems to be a new Integrity record every couple of months, or a new pressing of an old Integrity record. Or a new pressing of a not so new Integrity record. I've got over 100 Integrity records and, believe me, there are still a LOT that I am missing. Every now and again I try to make a dent in catching up (or keeping up) before 20 new records come out and I temporarily give up again. So here's my latest catch up batch...

The first record is the third pressing of the reissue of the 'In Contrast Of Sin' 7" on Organised Crime records. This has been updated since it was first reissued back in 2010. This new version does away with the inside of the sleeve artwork and lyrics and replaces them with some words written by founding member Aaron Melnick. There were two colours - a blue numbered version and a more common green version.

Next up is a third press reissue of the 'Those Who Fear Tomorrow' LP, which has similar liner notes from A2. Again, there were two colours of this one - a stamped and numbered clear blue, and a more common solid blue.

Next we move on to the reissue of the 'Systems Overload' LP. This one came out at some point last year, and was later followed by the superior remixed version. I never picked up the first reissue as I felt burnt out on Integrity reissues, but I guess it was inevitable that I would pick them up in the end. There were three colours for the first press - the clear with black smoke pressing in the limited sleeve, a white vinyl and a red vinyl. Obviously I picked up all three.

And next is the common pressing of the 'Systems Overload' remix. This was originally pressed in very limited form on red vinyl for Halloween 2012 and then on black for RSD 2013. Both came in a folded poster sleeve. But demand seemed high for this recording, so Organized Crime then made some more with regular covers for the masses. There were three colours. I think these all look great. I love the simplicity of the cover art.

Of course, since I bought these the regular version of 'Systems Overload' got repressed yet again on two more colours. Then A389 released a new pressing of the 'Black Heksen Rise' 7" and then a brand new 7" featuring the 'Systems Overload' line up on numerous colours. It seems I am destined to never be up to date with Integ vinyl.


Willem RWHAF said...

I've got the same feelings with my focus on Reaper Records mcs!

I've looked up all your Integrity posts once, by clicking on the tag! You did one hell of a job in documenting that stuff. I didn't collect all of these but all of your posts together are one huge source of info.

mcs said...

Thanks, Willem. I just clicked on my integrity tag. I didn't realise how many posts there were!