Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Slowly but surely. That's the way I've been collecting coloured vinyl Descendents records. I've been slowly adding them since 2009. So here's the latest - a blue vinyl copy of their first live LP 'Liveage!':

I've never really understood why there SST Records released two different live Descendents LPs. I just searched the internet, and found something about this record on wikipedia which, if correct, explains what happened. It tells me that this LP was recorded during their 'FinALL' tour (the tour in support of 'ALL', which at the time they thought would be their final tour as Milo was leaving to pursue a career in biochemistry. Two years later they then later released a different group of live songs from the same tour as the 'Hallraker Live' LP. I guess there was just demand for Descendents records, despite there not being any new material. These days we'd probably call it a 'cash grab'. Ha!

There's only a couple of colour Descendents LPs I am now missing. I need one of the purple/brown represses of 'ALL' that came out a year or two. I can't believe I actually missed those. Surely someone out there must have one of these they can part with? The other one I need is a blue vinyl copy of 'Cool To Be You', which (unfortunately for me) seems to be the rarest and most expensive Descendents record out there. Still, the end is in sight, and I'm really hoping that I can finish this collection off in 2014.

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