Saturday, 27 July 2013

Times Together Test

I was offered this one through a private message on a message board. It's a test press of the first Times Together 7" on Just Another Day Records. Some dude just wrote me and told me he was looking to sell it and asked if I was interested. The price seemed pretty reasonable, so I said yes and about 4 days later it had arrived, all the way from Italy. Impressive stuff.

Visually this isn't too exciting, but it's still cool. The dust sleeve and labels are stamped. Very Bridge Nine-ish.

I think I may have a complete Times Together 7" collection, although that probably isn't the case as I don't think I have a compete collection of anything. I'm sure there's some obscure variant of one of the 7"s that I don't even know about. Always seems to be the case.

Test press count for 2013 is now 35.