Thursday, 25 July 2013

Carry On

Crossed another item off my want list recently that has been languishing on there for way too long. This is the white vinyl press of the first Carry On 7", 'Stabbed In The Face' on Jitsu records. I have had a blue vinyl copy for many years. In fact, probably since 1999 or something. But I never had a white one before. It was never a big deal. I mean, it's not a good record really. But just one of those that I felt I needed to cross off the list. Anyway, just like the blue vinyl, this is hand numbered using the biggest, ugliest penmanship I have ever seen on a record.

I don't have a huge Carry On collection or anything, but I would like a copy of the Teamwork 7" with the weed cover. I always thought that was quite a novelty. At this rate I figure I'll probably be picking one up somewhere around 2025.


Anonymous said...

Carry On is one of my favourite bands, but this record is fucking awful.. I have a small Carry On collection started and I own exactly 0 copies of this 7 inch, I also have no intention of ever changing that.

mcs said...

Ha! That made me laugh!