Sunday, 10 September 2017


Another 7" from the same seller, and another test press. This 7" is from a band called Wheelbite, who were from Richmond, VA and were active 1998-2003. Their entire output was a demo and one 7", released by Malfunction Records around the turn of the century. Back then, Malfunction was one of the hot, new labels putting out some cool bands, and I got myself into the habit of picking up everything that they put out. So picking up this 7" by a band I'd never heard of was no big deal. Their 7" was probably the most low key of all the label's releases, but I always kinda liked it. It was just a typical hardcore record in many respects, with skateboarding an obvious theme, and short songs (there were 10 on the 7"). SO I picked up this test ress for cheap. It's out of 13 copies with the Wheeljüngen sleeve.

I don't really have anything else to say about this one, but if you're remotely interested in hearing this band I just discovered that you can listen to their discography on the Flatspot Records bandcamp page. Enjoy!

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