Saturday, 9 September 2017

Rusty Medals And Blue Badges

Another record from the same seller, but this time an LP. After picking up test presses for both Over My Dead Body LPs last year, I had been reminded about how good they were. So when I spotted a blue vinyl copy of their first LP for sale, I badly wanted it. However, I was a little sceptical, because it's not supposed to exist. So I asked for pictures and, sure as shit, it was clear blue.

This particular clear blue vinyl is one of those colours that is not easy to photograph. It's quite a dark shade. So I did my old trick and put it next to the window to show the colour better:

As I said, this colour is not supposed to exist. The Indecision discography shows that there are 103 clear red copies of this LP, and 286 copies on clear purple. But no mention whatsoever of a blue. I hadn't seen my purple copy in a while, and I did wonder whether the blue is only a slightly different shade to the purple, so I put the two side by side, to discover that no, they're not remotely similar.

So the only question left is how many copies there may be like this. I emailed the label to ask and got this reply:

It's the same pressing as purple. All the colored vinyl was sealed so there's no way to know how many of either there are.

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itallcomesdowntothis said...

I love this colour. Looks amazing, like 7 Seconds - The Crew on blue.