Friday, 8 September 2017

Face In The Crowd

Next in the batch of records from the same seller is this test press for the Voorhees 'Bookburner EP'. One of the later Voorhees releases, this was put out by THD Records in 2000.

This is an example of a really great, fun sleeve. The only other time I have seen this in real life was one time about ten or eleven years ago when I went to Lecky's house and he showed me a copy, and told me the story about the sleeve.

I don't know if Kerrang! magazine is still going, and I can't be bothered to google it seeing as I couldn't really give a fuck, but back in the 90s they used to have a competition called 'Face In The Crowd'. They would publish a picture of the crowd at some gig from the last week, and then circle someone, and if that person was you then you instantly won some kind of bullshit prize (probably a Limp Bizkit CD or tickets to see Thunder live at Doncaster ice rink). Anyway, it turns out that this one time Lecky (Voorhees singer) actually appeared as the face in the crowd in the magazine! What a stroke of luck for him. Finally he had a chance to get that Marilyn Manson poster he'd always been dreaming of.

Well, not quite. This is where the story takes a bizarre and amusing turn. It just so happens that his mug appearing in Britain's premier music magazine was not the usual random photo coincidence that usually befalls the average System Of A Down fan, but was instead a crafty set up. Apparently at the gig in question (Sick Of It All in Dudley in Feb '99) the Kerrang! photographer pissed Lecky off (can't remember how or why), so Lecky kicked him in the head. So the dude then published this picture in the magaine hoping that Lecky would write in to claim his Korn 1999 calendar prize, thus supplying the dude with Lecky's name and address. What he would then have done is anyone's guess. Gone round to dish out some street justice? Call the cops? Organise an impromtu Skid Row reunion in his back garden? We'll probably never know.

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Mike said...

That is a great story...and a crafty move on the part of the photographer!