Thursday, 14 September 2017

Allroy Saves (Me Money)

Last year I lost a big parcel of records in the mail. Yeah yeah, I know, I've mentioned it a few times before. But in that box was a near enough full set of ALL LPs. I was gutted abot many records lost in that parcel, but the ALL LPs were high up the list at. Anyway, the only early LP that comes on colour vinyl is the 3rd LP 'Allroy Saves', which came out on Cruz Records in 1990. It comes on two different colours - gold and green. I'd managed to acquire one copy of each colour last year, until fate cruelly robbed me of both copies. Even more satusfying was that I'd bought both for good prices too, much less than the going rates on discogs. So when I looked to try to replace them, I couldn't find either for any lower than the standard $30-40 each. Knowing I had bought both previously for less, I couldn't face paying the market rate, hoping I would have some good luck in future and once again find them cheap. And lo and behold, a gold copy popped up on eBay a couple of weeks ago at a low starting price, and I bid and won it for only $5.50! I was stoked. Well, that is until I realised that postage was super fucking expensive, which kinda killed the satisfaction dead. But still, even factoring in the additional $27 for shipping, it was still much cheaper than getting a copy from discogs. So I still won.

It was hard to get the vinyl colour to show up properly in the photos. The white paper inner sleeve reflects the light and makes the record look bright yellow, but it's actually more gold. The second photo, of the record on top of the front cover, is a much more accurate representation of how the colour looks in 'real life'.

What's also good is that, as well as being cheap(ish), both the record and cover are in really great condition. So I'm happy. But I'm still hoping to find a green copy for a bargain price (again) at some point. I mean, why would I stop at one copy when I could potentially own two?

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