Wednesday, 6 September 2017

A Test For The Better

Here's the next record in the lot I bought from some dude a couple of months back - a test press of the 'A Change For The Better' 7" compilation. This was one of the first hardcore comps that I ever bought back in the early 90s, which was a transaction based purely on the fact that this record features Endpoint, who I had figured out that I liked pretty early on in my hardcore career.

The sleeve for this one is kinda weird. I mean, on the front you get a couple of things that don't really go together - Marilyn Monroe and a graffiti style font:

Given that there are 50 copies of this record, which is a lot for a test press, I asked Dave Brown what the deal was with this record exactly. Here's his response:

This is what happened (to the best of my memory)... I called to ask about my order, and asked for 15 tests. They sent 50 instead (misheard me). So I made these covers. Then I called to ask why I got 50? They said that's what I ordered, but I didn't. We argue a bit. I get off the phone. A week later, another box shows up... 50 MORE tests in that box. So I made a different blue sleeve, and ised them as 'promos' for a show in Baltimore, MD. Such a headache, to say the least.

Nex, on to the back cover, which also features two more things that don't really go together - Marilyn Monroe and The Simpsons:

Quite why the Simpsons bits got added I have no idea. So I asked Dave about that too. The answer was a little shorter:

Hahaha... it was just to fill up space on the back, from what I recall'

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I like the concept of the post, more informative than usual at Endless Quest.