Saturday, 24 October 2015

When People Grow, People Go

One of the most anticipated new releases of this year for me was the new Blacklisted LP. Ever since the demo, this band has continued to grow and expand and do something different. For me, it's what keeps things interesting. There's nothing more dull than a band that cranks out the same record time after time. So when a new Blacklisted record drops, chances are it'll be interesting. And this one doesn't disappoint.

On this record they've taken a couple of steps back away from the sound on 'No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me' back towards a slightly heavier and more aggressive sound. And even though I really enjoyed the last full length (unlike most people it would seem) I'm really happy with the way that this record turned out.

There are some really good songs on here and I've listened to it a lot the last couple of months. This came out on three quite suitable colours of vinyl which all went quite well with the cover, but this blue & pink mix was the special band colour, which probably looks a bit ridiculous. I would have preferred to have bagged the clear & white vinyl copies, which look really cool, but they sold out way too quick for a slowcoach like me, so this will have to do.

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xtinox said...

pretty much lost interest in them after 'the beat goes on'. might check this out.
you're right, that colour pattern does look pretty odd next to the cover.