Monday, 12 October 2015

Weak Ass Game

Last year the Jaguarz 'Jungle Jamz' demo was issued on vinyl. It originally came out on cassette back in 2003, when Lockin' Out was the big thing. The band had an awesome song on the 'Sweet Vision' compilation 7" which made me want to hear more, although admittedly not enough to spend money on a tape. So it was cool to see this finally get put on to a proper format. However, by the time I realised it was out, it was sold out and I was slightly bummed, especially after seeing Chris's cool little collection.

Well, one day I saw a weird variant for sale on eBay, watched it and won with one bid. I didn't really know what it was, just that it looked different to any other version I had seen and it looked kinda cool. So I bid and won it for $4.25. When it arrived it had a very faint number on the label, being 24/25. It comes in a photocopied cover with the band name and record title coloured in with highlighter pens.

I think I read somewhere that this was a special tribute to the Warzone 'aborted' press, where the band logo was coloured in with an orange highlighter. The label made 25 of these and slipped them into orders randomly. Kinda cool if you ask me.

The record is numbered although the ink is barely visible. It was tough to even get it to show up in a photo.

I really like this record and would like to pick up the colour versions too at some point. But for now this seems like a pretty good place to start. Oh yeah, and after listening to this quite a bit I do think that it has aged well. It doesn't sound old at all, not to me anyway. One of the best bands of that early 00's era.

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chris said...

I wish I hadn't seen this. Now I have to find one.