Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Ten More

Last time I did one of these Rev repress posts, I got a comment from a reader, and responded with my own comment. I figured I would post those two comments here before the photos of my latest batch...

Each month i tell myself that i will limit my rev repress purchases, yet i dont. did i need another gameface on color? nope. still bought it though. i figured that i have come this far, might as well keep going.

I agree with you, in terms of coming this far. I see it kinda like a storm. I've made it this far so I might as well just ride it out and then assess the damage. But I like to think that, like a storm, it won't go on forever.

As you can see, if this is a storm, I'm still slap bang in the middle of it.

1 comment:

Nico said...

Thankfully I am not a Rev collector, but I have to say, I can never have enough Dag Nasty LP's, Burn, Quicksand and Inside Out 7"s.