Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Giant Killer

If you're a long time reader of this blog you will know that I have a penchant for early Sub Pop releases. And if you aren't a long time reader then you still know this as I have just told you. So it should therefore be no surprise to see me posting another Sub Pop classic release on here. This is Tad's second LP, '8 Way Santa'. I always thought that the name of this record was weird and never understood what it meant. But these days the internet answers all. Apparently 8 Way Santa is a kind of blotter paper LSD... which possibly explains the crazy cover.

The other interesting thing about this record is the story of the cover itself. The band used the photo which they had picked up in a thrift store, and then the people in the photo saw the record, weren't too amused and sued the label.

The label didn't do too well for lawsuits with this band. The single for the song 'Jack Pepsi' which features on here also attracted legal action from Pepsi.

Despite many Sub Pop releases coming out on numerous vinyl colours, this one only came out on green in the States. It was also pressed on yellow by Sub Pop Germany. I have the yellow copy, which I re-bought in 2010 after selling the one I had when I was 17, which I sold in the mid 90s because I went through a period of being stupid. Anyway, stoked to have this colour for the first time. And yes, this album still sounds good today. It's held up really well I think. If you've never heard it then go check it out and tell me I'm wrong.


geoff said...

i've never listened to this record, purely based on the cover. nor will i. i hate that cover, its just that bad.

Costa said...

Fantastic record , TAD Rocks . love the cover , not as heavy as gods balls .
Butch vig did a great job on it