Monday, 25 August 2014

Full On Kevin's Mom

I'm particularly stoked to feature this record today as it's one of those records that I thought I would never own. It always seemed so incredibly rare and expensive. Fast forward a few years and it no longer seems as expensive as it once did. I guess I've paid much, much more for other things in recent years, so it's no longer such a big deal. Well, when one came up at a decent price recently, I decided to finally cross it off the wants list.

Soundgarden 'Louder Than Love' LP on A&M Records. There were probably thousands of these things pressed. But the only colour vinyl copies were either red or green vinyl, and these were strictly promotional copies only. They were never on sale to the general public. Not sure who got them exactly. Maybe it was the equivalent of modern hardcore's 'friends press'? But anyway, the green is the rarer colour, with apparently only 250 in existence, making this pretty much THE rarest Soundgarden there is. So, you know, a nice one to have.

Of course, even though obtaining any colour copy of this seemed an impossible find in the past, now that I have a green one I kinda feel obliged to chase a red one. *Sigh*


Mike said...

The timing of this post is too funny. I've never cared about Soundgarden, as I was too "hardcore" to pay them much attention...and Black Hole Sun gets on my nerves. But for some reason, on a whim, I decided to download some Soundgarden last week. Not sure where to start, I grabbed Badmotorfinger. It wasn't too bad, but half way through the album, I got bored and moved on to something else. I then downloaded the newest Spiritual Beggars album, which I was enjoying until Doug mentioned that it sounded a lot like Soundgarden. And now this post. I feel like I might need to check out this album.

mcs said...

I like everything up to the 'Superunknown' LP (which is the one that has 'Black Hole Sun' on it). Badmotorfinger is good, but I agree with you, it's quite long. Still, 'Outshined' is an amazing song so it's worth having for that alone.