Saturday, 2 August 2014

You Only Bid Once... So Do It Right

As you all know, Revelation originally released the Side By Side 'You're Only Young Once' 7" in 1988 and then nine years later, in 1997, reissued the songs on a remastered 12" with live songs on the flipside. One label, one band, one record (albeit two versions). Done. Right?

Well, not quite. Some time in the early 90s, when in between the 7" being out of press and Rev pressing the 12", Lost & Found Records from Germany pressed the Side By Side 7" as a 12"... with live songs on the flipside. There's been a lot of bad press about Lost & Found over the years, with accusations of bootlegging, and I honestly have no idea whatsoever if this release was licensed or given consent by the band.

In recent months, some dude from Lost & Found has been selling off all kinds of stuff. One thing that he has sold several copies of was a red vinyl test press of the Side By Side 12" he released. This is actually a test press of the second (picture disc) pressing. The first press had it's own test press out of five copies on black vinyl. Anyway, I had bid and lost out on a few copies, but finally my turn came and I managed to get one.

Like most tests, it isn't much to look at. It's just a red vinyl 12" with plain labels in a plain paper sleeve. I mainly just wanted it because it was a Side By Side test press which didn't require me to spend a month's pay, like either the Rev 7" or 12" versions would have. The best thing was that I have watched several of these sell, all starting at $49.99 and all ending higher. This was the first one the dude sold that went for the starting price and one bid. Hence the title of this post.


Willem RWHAF said...

You know how people from a band loose sight of each other after all those years. Well, if Lost And Found asked one band member and he agreed, but did not ask the rest. Well that is what you get then. Those who haven't been asked certainly blame them of bootlegging, while the one who did know does not... I think that the whole thing with L&F.

Hans Hauch said...

Sure no testpressing, press was done in maybe 1994 and all of a sudden was for sale at L&F. Bought 10 at once for 150 Deutsch MArks then.And there was no talk of testpresses.Only an "old" pressing resurfacing.