Monday, 11 August 2014

Re-Start Your Heart

I try my best to hold off buying reissues and discographies these days. For most bands and records I like, I have the original pressings, so it feels unnecessary to add records to my collection that are designed for those who weren't lucky enough to be around when the original releases dropped. Sometimes, however, I get sucked in. The repress of Cave In's 'Until Your Heart Stops' made for RSD 2013 was something I was prepared to ignore when it came out. But in the end I eventually ran into some reasonably priced copies and coule resist no longer. I have most coloured vinyl Cave In records, so I figured that I might as well add two more and move one step closer to the illusion of 'completion'.

There are two repress colours for this one. A clear orange with black 'smoke' vinyl, and a white vinyl. I have no idea how many were made of each or which, if any, is rarest.

I now have 5 copies of this album - a first press test press, two first press colours, and two repress colours. I'm almost content. I just want the first press in a back & white tour sleeve and that'll do it. No need for the first press regular black vinyl or the repress black vinyl. Or the repress test press come to that. Unless anyone has them for cheap of course.

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