Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Screaming For A Ninth Change

Back in March I picked up two different coloured represses of Uniform Choice's 'Screaming For Change' LP - one on white, one on blue. About a week after I had ordered them, Jeff who does Start Today records posted a picture of a gold vinyl copy on instagram. Goddamnit, where did that come from? Well, the answer was the same place as the blue and white copies - which was RevHQ. I got my order in quick smart and have now finally received the bloody thing.

So of course, what would any self-respecting collector nerd do once they received their ninth colour vinyl copy of any record? Yep, that's right - lay them on the floor in a square arrangement and snap a photograph. A bit like this:

That's four original pressings and five repressings. I badly need an original grey copy to balance things up. Oh, and a first press with poster would be good too. Someone help urgently.


Mike said...

That is a beautiful group shot.

geoff said...

what are you using a black back ground to your photos now?

im with guav, ditch the recent green repress and get a grey one in there.

mcs said...

I'm slightly confused that you're asking me if I'm using a black background to my photos NOW. I mean, I've been using a black background for months. How on earth are you only just noticing?

geoff said...

ive notice for months, just didnt say anything. sorry, i worded that poorly. imagine that?